There are more than 200,000 empty properties across the United Kingdom. Council tax is applicable on all the houses, including those that have no residents for some time. It is usually not affordable for every property owner to pay a certain amount on their property every month, especially for those they bought as their second home. It may not be a practical approach to find ways for how to avoid paying council tax on empty property. However, here is how you can save yourself on the new tax surcharge on your inhabited house.

The new council premium is an extra charge payable by everyone owning an empty property. Earlier, you had to pay this surge at a rate of fifty percent of the council tax, but now this rate 100%. It means you might have to pay double the council tax on your unoccupied property.

Experts believe that increasing council tax premium on inhabited homes is a political move. Some say that it can be a better move to clamp down on those investors who buy properties and leave them inhabited or empty when the country is already struggling with a housing shortage. It is yet to see if this extra surcharge will have the desired effect.

Local authorities may not find it sensible to have heaps of empty properties on their side, especially when they already have a homelessness problem. However, owners of inhabited houses have to pay double council tax every month.

In the present scenarios, selling your empty property seems to be the best way to avoid paying expansive council tax every month. These properties can be an eyesore for their owners and encourage anti-social behavior like vandalism. It means your inhabited property can tempt people to act as a squatter. Any of these things could harm your property’s value and cost you a lot in terms of repairing and maintenance.


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